Act of God Cards Rules

The Act of God Cards are a 30 Pack Disaster-in-a-can.

From Acidic Rain to Wolves, they pack a mean punch.

Played from within the Supply Line, they harbor the forces of nature against the entire battle.

The wise player will deal himself only what he can use in his favor. The unwise player will destroy himself and his army.

They are all Ultra-Rare cards and must be treated as such. You may only play them if you have purchased them. This is a strict Tournament Rule.

All Acts of God Cards are allowed in every tournament and are legal in Version 1.0

Natural events happen in the real world all the time and a battlefield is no exception. Remember, this is Empires and Generals, where things are based upon the real world.

Where it's placed-

The Act of God cards are built and played within the Supply Pile.

How many -

They are built in at a ratio of 1 (one) Act of God Card for every 5 (five) Resources or Specialty Resources or Resource Trader cards.

The Supply Pile limitation is just one. You must have a minimum of TEN Cards in the Supply Pile.

So, if I wanted to have a deck with Lightning Strike (anti-strategy), Lava Flow (anti-drawing) and Deluge (anti-army); a total of three Act of God Cards, I would have to have fifteen Resources bringing the total number of cards in the Supply Pile to 18 (eighteen).

The AOG Cards DO NOT count as part of the five.

You could not have those three AOG cards with a total of 15 cards in the pile. You would be forced to throw one out of the pile before play.

Where to play -

The Act of God card is played in front of the person who drew it, in front of their Strategy area so it can remain seen. It stays there until its specific time frame is used up. Some cards say "One turn" or "Two turns". The Card remains in view in play for that time period. When the original owner of the cards turn comes again after the allotted time, that person discards Act of God card and enters their Draw Phase for that new turn.

When -

The Act of God card, when drawn, is PLAYED immediately. Not any card, nor any cards effects or abilities can stop the Act of God card from being played. You may use cards effects and abilities to counter the effects of the Act of God card however, but you may not affect the AOG card directly. When all have understood and obeyed the AOG card, the player who drew it enters into their Draw Phase again. This is to show that it was a worldwide event and not affiliated with the owners specific empire in any way.

Each Card is Ultra Rare -

Remember, each Act of God card is an ultra rare. You may not want to have the same ones that your opponent has. If you draw an Act of God card that has already been played, it immediately goes into your discard pile and your draw is wasted.

Disaster Strikes

So, Jim and Phil are playing a game and Jim is doing pretty good with his Chinese Strategies. Jim is defending with a War Rhinoceros in the Battlefield and a Chinese Chariot in the Warcamp. His Rhino is at a 7/10 due to the buff that the Chinese Chariot gives him. He is +2CH and they are playing a quick game, so... Phil better do something fast. Phil closes his eyes and dares to dream and pulls a card from his Supply Pile.

Yes! Phil draws Killer Tiger, which allows everyone in play to discard any one soldier in the Battlefield.

Up until now Phils Principe and two Equite haven't been able to get past that Rhino.

Phil discards Jims Rhino and Jim discards one of Phils Equite.

Jim discards Killer Tiger.

Then Jim enters his Draw Phase. He Draws, Skips Kingdom and Army Phases and attacks Jim.

Jim chooses to take the hit rather than get his Chariot run over and this brings him down to a +1CH.

Phil breathes a little easier knowing that he might yet have a chance.

That's it! Enjoy!

===========Update to glossary===========

Act of God Card - A Type of Card that changes the gameplay in one or more specific areas of the map due to a local or worldwide calamity. When an Act of God Card is drawn it is played immediately, all regular play ceases and the resolution of the Act of God Card is finished. No Tactics cards may be played during an Act of God Card resolution. Once the resolution of the Act of God card is finished, play continues on as normal.


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